IC-PID-03 : Three Channel PID / PWM / ADC Controller IC

Image of the USB-PID-03 USB PID Controller IC

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The IC-PID-03 is a three channel USB PID (Proportional – Integral – Derivative) controller peripheral. This peripheral allows a microcontroller to perform a closed loop control process on up to three channels simultaneously, with minimal overhead. Communication to the module is accomplished with a parallel interface compatible with the FTDI245RL USB IC. This processor may be used directly with the FTDI245RL chip to provide a USB interface to a host PC, or may be used with a direct connection to many microcontrollers.


Robotics, industrial automation, temperature control, process control, hobbyist electronics bench, systems monitoring, and many more...


  • 3 Independent control loops with simultaneous sampling
    • Allows for synchronized control, and power measurements
  • 12 bit resolution with independent offset and gain adjustments for each channel
  • Configurable input gain allowing for 0 - 0.2V up to 0 - 3.3V input range
  • Three configurable output modes
    • PWM for direct servo control, with an "in-band" digital output
    • PWM with direction, output for general control applications
    • PID Disable Mode allows channels not involved with PID to be used as simple ADC inputs and PWM outputs
  • PWM signals easily converted to 0-3.3V DC levels with the addition of a filter
  • Up to 16 bit PWM resolution on all output channels
  • Adjustable dead-band, and "in-band" ranges
  • Adjustable PWM frequency and pulse width
  • Adjustable control loop interval
  • Flash memory parameter storage allowing for one time calibration and configuration
  • Hardware
    • Available in a standard SOIC-28 plastic package
    • Lead-free / ROHS compliant
    • Extremely rugged, crystal free design, with a high accuracy crystal based version available
    • Can be used stand alone, or incorporated into a larger system
    • Simple direct connection to the FTDI 245 USB IC
      • Royalty free drivers for Windows CE, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS-8, Mac OS-9, Mac OS-X, Linux 2.40 and greater, Android
      • Virtual COM port or high speed direct communication options through FTDI driver
      • User customizable VID / PID, VID & PID numbers available through FTDI at no charge
      • Large support and development community
    • Simple connection to many microcontrollers using a parallel interface
  • Software
    • Communicates with a simple binary serial protocol
    • Development module available as part number USB-PID-03
    • GUI setup application available for Windows and Linux platforms
    • Sample C++ driver class source code available for maximum flexibility across platforms, operating systems, and development tools.


Demo Application and Development Module Available as USB-PID-03:

Configuration application screenshot

 USB-PID-03 Module