USB-TACH-02 : Usb Dual Tachometer / Frequency Counter / Event Counter Module

Module image of the USB-TACH-02 USB Tachometer / Frequency Counter / Counter


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The USB-TACH-02 is a USB based data collection module for measuring the frequency, or count of up to two signals simultaneously. The device allows for both digital and analog inputs, as well as supporting a "slow" measurement mode for use with mechanical equipment. All input and output channels feature electrical protection for use in harsh electrical environments. The module also features a crystal free design for use in harsh mechanical environments.


Robotics, industrial automation, machine vision, hobbyist electronics bench, systems monitoring, and many more...


  • Analog Input Channel
    • Buffered inputs allow for measurement of low level signals without the need for additional circuitry
    • User selectable gain from 1x to 48x
    • User selectable threshold from 1.65V to 2.89V
    • 7 Channel input multiplexer
    • 0 to 100KHz input frequency
    • Conditioned analog signal available as a digital output
  • Digital Channel
    • 0 to 4 MHz input frequency
    • 1.65V input threshold
  • Both Channels
    • I/O protected to +/-25V
    • 24 bit internal counters allow for long run event counting without overflow
    • Continuous sampling in parallel with counting, zero missed counts
    • Tachometer function allows for rotation measurement to 6 RPM, slower rotations available with customized modules
  • Module Hardware
    • Small size (33 mm x 27.8 mm)
    • Lead-free / ROHS compliant
    • Extremely rugged, crystal free design and high accuracy, crystal based versions
    • Operates from a low power USB 1.1 / 2.0 hub
    • Can be used stand alone, or incorporated into a larger system
    • Incorporates the FTDI USB IC
      • Royalty free drivers for Windows CE, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS-8, Mac OS-9, Mac OS-X, Linux 2.40 and greater, Android (Beta)
      • Virtual COM port or high speed direct communication options through FTDI driver
      • User customizable VID / PID, VID & PID numbers available through FTDI at no charge
      • Large support and development community
  • Software
    • Communicates with a simple binary serial protocol
    • Test application available for Windows and Linux platforms
    • Sample C++ driver class source code available for maximum flexibility across platforms, operating systems, and development tools.

Demo Application Screenshot:

USB-TACH-02 Demo Application Screenshot


OEM Processor IC Available as IC-TACH-02: 

For applicaitons where you do not need the full module a preprogrammed processor IC is available, which can be directly incorporated into your project.