CyberData Privacy Policy

At CyberData we hate SPAM as much as you do and we won't violate your trust by sending you a crazy amount of advertisements.  If we have a new product, an upgrade, or something of interest to you, we will occasionally send you a quick note to let you know; otherwise, we'll leave you alone.

We won't share your information with anyone beyond those necessary to fulfill your order, provide sales/technical support, notify you of product upgrades, add-ons, and promotions.  If we use a 3rd party company to contact you about something, we will insure that the 3rd party won't share your information with anyone else or use the information for anything other than what we've contracted them to do.  Any newsletters we send will include the option to opt-out of future newsletters.

If you have any questions/concerns about how we will use your information please contact us for clarification.

We have teamed with PayPal to make buying quick and easy. When you order from our web site, you may create or use a PayPal account. Your account information will be collected and used by and subject to the PayPal Privacy Notice.